”Griffins” have been operating in Greece since 2018 in the provision of specialized advisory services.

They provide assistance to all types of businesses, freelancers and individuals with a focus on professionalism and efficiency.
Founder Stogiannou F. Grigorios (Economist MBA and Mediator) contributes consistently and professionally to all customers, individuals and businesses.

The Griffins Advisory Group, capitalizing on academic qualifications and extensive business experience, provides specialized services to its clients, enabling them to assess the business opportunities that they are “offered”, reduce the chances of their business failure, and minimize staff and operational risk.
Our collaboration with leading lawyers, notaries, engineers and expert advisors ensures the quality, security and security you need today.


“With a compass your interest”

Griffins' advisory team, leveraging academic qualifications and extensive business experience, offer specialist services to clients ensuring the quality, safety and confidence you need today.